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WAVEZ: Solution for Harbor Management

Proposed Solution for managing all the planning, scheduling, operations, and billing through single solution. System maintains all the planning parameters such as Tidal details, draft info; length of vessel which helps berth planning.
System maintains the log of vessel pending for planning and alerts to the planner for the same. Solution provides to plan each quay wise or composite planning for all quay in single view. System provides to see the view of current vessel berthing details; user can update the details by single click; Mobile App provides to do the updation online. System provides solution for real time data capturing processes by Mobile Application App.
Billing System will capture all the operational information and billing will be carried automatically. Maker and Checker methods are availed for validation of billing process. System integrated with other systems like PCS, Financial System (SAP / IFS / Oracle Finance and many more)

System Architecture

Bollard Master Definition
System facilitates to define Bollard details, position of the Bollard, map Bollard to graphical position and Sequence. System can record the distance of each Bollard, which helps to link with Vessel Length. System monitors berth clash while berth planning based on the configuration.
Quay Master Definition
QUAY details with Length of QUAY and draft depth in QUAY can be recorded. System has facility to map Bollard to QUAY with sequence positions. Provision to update any obstacles in the QUAY between Bollard is availed. System also has facility to define Port Side, Starboard Side, and longitude side of Quay.
Shipping line / VOA Master
System facilitates to define Shipping Line and Vessel Operator Master, which is the common for Operations and Finance purpose. Vessel Definition and Vessel call will be mapped to Line / VOA master for operations and billing.
Vessel Master
System facilitates to define Vessel profile such as Vessel Code, VOA, IMDG and Call Sign, Length of Vessel, type of vessel etc.,
Work Order Type (Service) Master
System facilitates to define the work order type (Value added Services) with billing configuration. System facilitates to define the type of resource involved for the value-added service, which helps for planning the work order
Resource Master
System facilitates to configure all resources, such as Tugboats, Pilots etc. Resource planning will be availed based on availability of the resource.
Harbor Crane Master
System facilitates to define Harbor Cranes and other port equipment; to define the allocation while planning System facilitates to define Shipping Line and Vessel Operator Master, which is the common for Operations and Finance purpose. Vessel Definition and Vessel call will be mapped to Line / VOA master for operations and billing.


Vessel Visit

System facilitates to define the vessel call; System facilitates to download the call information from PCS or any other legacy system. Vessel call information will be automatically availed in berth planning; planning will be activated based on ETA and ETD as time slots (in Y Axis) ; QUAY and Bollard positioning (x axis). System provides optimistic position based on defined business rules and configurations. User able to define the Vessel slot based on QUAY / Bollard and Time Slots. User can be able to view all the vessels planning; to avoid override of other vessels. System facilitates to configure the service requests for vessel call; System facilitate to do the resource plan accordingly.

Berth Planning

Continuation of Vessel Visit planning, system facilitates for berth planning based on bollard and System facilitates to do the berth planning graphical mode; system alerts all the vessel calls pending for planning; system alerts any errors in planning like override of other vessel plan, tide and draft alerts etc.

Resource Planning

System facilitates to do the resource planning by drag and drop the resource and define the allocation time of resource for the operation. Roster of Pilots; gangs will be update automatically; Work order will be generated for the activities accordingly.

Work order management
Work Order Updation for Value Added Service
System facilitates to generate work order for base activities and value added services; online from Portal or from mobile apps. Resource allocation provision availed in work order process
Vessel Operation Time Sheet Updation Online
System facilitates to update vessel time sheet information like; Anchorage time, Arrival Pilot Station, Berthing Time etc., online through mobile app. These information will be availed online to customer.
Work Order Status Updation Online
Work Order completion process will be availed in mobile app and portal application.
Customer Service

Request for Value Added Service On-line

System facilitates for Customer (shipping line / VOA) can request the value-added service using portal / mobile apps. Job will be sent to concern authority to do the task. Anchorage, Berthing, Pilot Request, Tub Boat Request, Moring, Shifting vessel from one berth to another. Multiple movement from Anchorage to Berth and Berth to Anchorage and many more operations and services are part of the HMS /Wavez process

Vessel Operation Status View Online

System facilitates for updation of Vessel operation time sheet online using mobile apps; and same info is available to all the customer for view the status of operation.

Automated Billing

System facilitates to generate the billing automatically after vessel closure and operation confirmation.
Vessel Call Register; provides vessel call details pertaining to the period; including Expected arrival and Actual Arrival basis
Vessel TDR provides Terminal Departure Report of a vessel with all-time information such as Pilot on Board, Anchorage time; berth time; Tugboat start time and end time etc.
Work Order Register provides detailed report of all or selected service work order for respective period