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Project delivery

Our trademark is to deliver industry-leading project and program delivery management services worldwide, ensuring that results are always in line with client objectives. Our experienced professionals assess and understand your priorities, while appraising the technical, environmental, social, and commercial issues surrounding each project. We leverage this extensive experience to plan and implement projects efficiently, with a focus on cost, schedule, quality, and safety. We are here to help guide you on your journey, from initial conceptual development through to final project delivery.


On Demand IT

On-demand computing is a model becoming increasingly popular in the cloud computing world. On-demand computing is a model where computing resources are made available as they are needed. In other words, a provider makes its services available to the user as they become necessary. The most obvious benefit of this model is its efficiency in terms of utilization of the available resources. On-demand services allow you to pay only for what you need. This is because they allow you to define your specific data storage and management needs and only get services that will cater to this need. You get a tailor made solution that enables your business to run efficiently.


Product Implementation Service

Procuring Product License without choosing right expert for implementation could be worrisome for adoption. And VnVCS offer Services of domain and Technology experts for product implementation. Team assigned for implementation comprise of Technical and domain experts, Project Co-Ordinator and Testers. With expertise of project deliveries involving VnVCS Products and also 3rd party solutions, Team ensure delivery is a success.


Project Management

VnVCS’s project management capabilities have resulted in defining sound & stable processes. The project management practice entails measuring key parameters, which ensure delivering right functionality at right time, right quality and at the right cost. As part of the program control, we undertake dependency management, risk & associated alleviation, and contingency planning. Based on the other projects executed by VnVCS, the recommended Governance, communication and escalation mechanism have been described in detail.


Training services

We train our clients and the end users of the application solution in a verry described and informative manner, which helps them understand the operation and also the process of operation and better understanding of application. And our expert training team is very focused and dedicated towards better understanding of the client users engagement and flow of work.


Product support

Product support plays a vital role in the market in order to achieve and maintain customer satisfaction. Once a customer buys the product, he may have several questions in his mind regarding the product all of which are answered by the product support services provided by the company. VnVCS will provide appropriate resources to manage all type of product related calls registered by business users, IT administrators and supporting users.


SLA based support

VnVCS will provide appropriate resources to manage all type of application related calls registered by business users, IT administrators and supporting users. VnVCS can segregate the calls with escalation of L1 or L2 or L3 based on the severity and complexity of the issue or registered calls under the below agreed response time, resolution time. VnVCS can allocate any level of resources to resolve the registered calls.

    Scope of L1/L2/L3 Support -
  • Centralized 24x7 L1 support VnVCS resources will work for application from mutually agreed location (If onsite engineer hired by customer). L2 or L3 VnVCS resources can work from their office.
  • VNVCS will support for Database, Application server and APIs.
  • Release support for software Solution with the patches/ updates and bug fixes that may come from L2 team.
  • Support services and usage tips on day-to-day operations of the system
  • Periodic reporting of routine activities and problem detection and resolution status
  • Phone based support services to End Users.
  • Detailed report on provided services at periodic intervals.
  • Build and maintain a KEDB (Known Error Database).
  • Support on-site infra team to analyze & resolve any end device level Application issues.
  • Ensuring the uptime of applications and performance of the application and jobs
  • Build a Risk register with the help of IT and review of key risks along with mitigation plans in Monthly /Quarterly review meeting with IT team
  • Master Data Management – Updating of existing records / creation of new records as per approved data shared by IT team as Service request or ticket for tracking it to closure
  • Liaising with IT team to get approvals for the patch releases etc. into various environments from time to time.
  • Support team will engage in any new initiative discussions as team member.
  • Support team will provide data requirement to business users or IT admin or supporting department users or management team member on demand.
  • Receive, log, and prioritize issue tickets and ensure end users on support software related issues.
  • Escalate to Level 2 support as required.
  • Provide additional inputs if any to Level-2 in consultation with business users for the issues raised by them.
  • Providing support to infra teams to resolve any end user’s device level issues
  • Updating the software with releases received from Level 2 support
  • To address any Database related / application server related issues.
Support Period

9 Hrs x 5 Days


Onsite IT Manpower

VnVCS offers an option for dedicated Onsite trained IT Engineer at the client premises/location and provide product related assistance and support for the client.


Post-Sales support

Business users, IT administrators and supporting users will register a call on IT helpdesk tool or VnVCS support resource can log call on behalf of user.

VnVCS support resource will identify the basic issue or interact with users logging the call for better understanding and response. VnVCS support resource can assign call to internal responsible resource or himself can take the call to resolve the case.

Assigned VnVCS support resource will identify the case and update the type of the call like system uptime or incident or SR, end user requirement, bugs etc. Finally call assigned resource will communicate the completion resolution information in the IT helpdesk tool and send mail to call logged user to check and confirm

VnVCS will provide a quality guarantee for the developed production system. VnVCS recognizes that there should be an acceptable level of quality for the delivered product. To that end, we propose the following problem categories:

Severity 1

Severity 2

Severity 3

Severity 4

Customer Critical. Software does not come up or does not remain up long enough for customer to do useful work

Software terminates unexpectedly (i.e. core dumps), or a crucial feature of the software is unavailable, without the possibility of a workaround

Software has non-fataldeficiencies for which a workaround is readily available

Request for Enhancement of product

VnVCS will guarantee that the solution as delivered to CUSTOMER will be free of Severity 1 and Severity 2 problems. This guarantee will remain valid till AMC contract active with Customer.

Furthermore, within the limitations of the time frame required to complete the project / availability of test suites / resources, VnVCS will do its utmost to minimize the severity 3 problems in the code. All severity 3 problems caused by VnVCS and detected prior to system delivery, however, will be fixed to Customer’s satisfaction. Severity 4 problems are good to have and will be taken as product roadmap if any.

In the case of Severity 1 / Severity 2 problems being detected after the code has been handed over to CUSTOMER (and during the product AMC period), VnVCS will be responsible for the debugging and determination of the cause of the problem.

Severity 1 / 2 problems caused because of VnVCS code changes and detected during AMC period will be fixed free of charge.


Ticketing System

VnVCS has a ticketing system is a software program that a customer support team uses to create, manage, and maintain a list (or lists) of customer problems. The ticketing system encompasses : Omnichannel support. Ticket routing, categorization, and tagging.


Project Consultancy

With precise knowledge of the relevant field, we are proud to introduce ourselves as a leading organization involved in handling and consulting with major IT projects in the industry.


Operational Consultancy

With our strong hold on the said domain and high expertise, we are also approached for the overall operational guidance and services pertaining to operations of the clients. Our suggestions and solutions in enhancing the operations are rightly known in the Industry.


Solution Roadmap

VnVCS understands the requirement for customized solutions to suit unique business needs. We have a well-established approach and methodology for application development and maintenance. Beginning with capture and analysis of business requirements, and through all phases of SDLC, VnVCS has well-formulated metrics to avoid disruptions at a later stage. We have always provided high levels of transparency, which assures optimal solutions that deliver tangible business benefits.


Managed IT solutions

VnVCS has proven methodologies and in-depth experience in Oracle-based application support/maintenance, implementation, integration, and reengineering. The VnVCS team has extensive exposure on Oracle tools like Discoverer, OFA, and OSA and core Oracle technologies like SQL and PL/SQL, Developer 2000 (D2K), Designer 2000

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