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RAILTOS is a terminal operating system which covers complete process of Documentation, planning, operation, reporting, billing activities. RAILTOS provides portal as a common platform to all stake holders such as CTO, Shipping Line, DPD Customer, Agents information exchange through web API, EDI exchange and manual upload provisions. RAILTOS interface with PCS, ICEGATE and any financial systems such as IFS, Oracle Finance, SAP and Tally.

Modules covered in RAILTOS

  • Rake Scheduling
  • Documentation
  • Gate Operation
  • Yard Operation
  • Planning
  • Transportation
  • Rail Siding
  • Rail Operation
  • Billing
  • MIS Reports
  • Portal and Mobile App
  • HHTs and VMTs


Modular Architecture

  • EDi Exchange with Rail Operator for Arrival Summary, Load Plan, IAL and EAL
  • EDi Exchange with Shipping line for SMTP Clearance
  • Online Removal Memo to CTO, Pendency report to shipping line and CTO, Online Container Status monitor
  • Complete ICD Container Inventory Management in single solution; Interface with Container terminals
  • Rake Scheduling, tracking and planning based on POOL sharing, Destination wise, double stack
  • ITV Pool Management with Equipment status monitoring
  • Work Instruction Management for Job Orders to ITVs and RMG / RS for Rail Operation
  • Work Instruction Management for Job Order to ITV’s for Container movement from /to Terminals
  • VMT and HHT Interface for Work Instruction management, provides online pendency of work micro level And overall picture
  • Graphical Rail Plan and Yard Plan
  • 3rd Party Truck Operators Management
  • ICD Gate Management
  • Customer Billing for Handling and Storage based on duration wise, rake wise
  • Terminal Billing Reconciliation for internal moves
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Optimize Your CFS and ICD Operations with Rail Tos

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