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Why you need a Software for Managing Container Terminal?

Stores and Inventory

  • Transportation Booking
  • Booking Confirmation
  • LR Preparation
  • Query Answering


  • Transportation Booking
  • Booking Confirmation
  • LR Preparation
  • Query Answering


  • Trip Sheet Creation
  • Activity updation
  • Survey updation

Tracking and Tracing

  • Cargo Tracking
  • Vehicle Tracking


  • Vehicle allocation
  • Crew Allocation
  • WH Allocation


  • Trip Sheet Settlement
  • Customer Billing
  • Vendor Billing

Maintenance and Repairs

  • UN EDIFACT Message exchange with different stake holders such as BAPLIE, CODECO, COARRI, COPRAR
  • Integration with Port Community System
  • Proprietary message EDI generation


  • Customer Invoices
  • Taxes
  • Tariff Ledger
  • Customer Ledger
  • Payment Collection from Customer
  • Credit Notes and Reconciliation
  • Vendor Payments
  • Expenses Accruals


  • HTTPS protocol secure the system from hacking and other interference
  • User control and access control availed in the system to provide limited usage to the user
  • Internal audit process maintains each and every activity recorded with time and user
  • Internal algorithm facility availed to avoid data level security
  • Operating System for DB Server and Application server is on Windows
  • Database is in MS SQL Server / Oracle
  • Development is on framework 4.0 with Angular JS and JQuery

EDI Engine

  • Port Community System
  • Custom ICEGATE
  • GST Portal
  • Liner Proprietary EDI / Excel / XML
  • Liner Reports
  • LDB
  • FOIS

Modular Architecture


FleetMag 2.0 provides solution for

  • Own / 3rd party Vehicle Profiling, alerts based on different parameters such as PMC Schedule, Insurance expiry, lease expiry, Tyre change alert etc.
  • Own / Contracted employee management
  • Complete Fleet Management interface with GPS Devices, GPS tracking of Vehicles
  • Resource Management including Human Resource and Equipment
  • Interface with CFS / ICT Terminal Operation
  • Interface with Ware House Management with 3PL activities
  • Transportation for Project Cargo, Liquid Cargo and Break Bulk Cargo Management
  • Integrated with Container / Vehicle Repairs and parts inventory
  • Mobile App for tracking of Bookings, Cargo, Service and Vehicles
  • Online Data capturing for Services handling against fleet
  • Diesel Management, Tyre Management
  • Roster Management


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