CFSMag+ Enterprise Edition

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CFSMag+ Enterprise Edition
Solution Framework

  • Support Chrome, IE, Firefox and Microsoft Edge Browser
  • User friendly UI with multi thread process
  • API Engine – Open to Interface with external entities
  • Support Android and IOS Mobile
Route Planning & Operations Database
  • Device Independent
  • Extendable to microservices, Kubernetes framework deployment in Google Cloud Platform
  • Secured with VAPT compliances
  • Fast Process with N-tire Architecture.


  • Gate Automation – RFID
  • Train Operation System
  • FOIS System
  • Auto RR for Railways
  • GST Portal
  • Finance ERP Interface
  • CRM Interface
  • Payment Gateway – Mobile and Portal Application for customer
  • LDB Interface
  • FASTag Interface


  • System certified with VAPT Compliance along with VAPT Report
  • Internal audit process maintains each and every activity recorded with time and user
  • Audit trail at all transactions and configuration modifications, maintain all change management records along with user information and timestamp with modified data information
  • HTTPS protocol secure the system from hacking and other interference
  • User control and access control availed in the system to provide limited usage to the user
  • Internal algorithm facility availed to avoid data level security

EDI Engine

  • Port Community System
  • Custom ICEGATE
  • GST Portal
  • Liner Proprietary EDI / Excel / XML
  • Liner Reports
  • LDB
  • FOIS
Application Framework
  • Core Application:- all the operations and business processes
  • Automation API Engine:-covers RFId, Barcode, QR Code, Equipment interface processes.
  • Mobile Application:-covers Real time data capture using RDT, VMT and mobile data entry at operational areas.
  • WEB API Engine:-covers Data exchange process for Customs, ICEGATE, SCMTR, PCS, UN EDIFACT or any other Statutory related data exchanges.
  • Contract Management:-Covers contract definition related to sales respect to customer, cargo, vessel, periodic and many more base.
  • Rebate Management:-Extension of contract management, defines rebates to direct and indirect stake holders.
  • Customer Service Desk:-Is related to customer complaint management and tracking along with BOT facility.
  • BI Analytics:-Covers data analysis based on all information data bank.
  • Customer Portal:-Covers system access to external users along with data exchange process
  • Customer Mobile Application:-Extension of customer portal, which covers mobile application for external users along with data exchange.
  • External Device Interfaces:-Covers API for interfaces with external devices like GPS on truck, FASTag kind of interfaces.
  • Payment Gateway:-Covers payment gateway interface with customer portal.
Core Platform Modules
  • Barge Operation, ROAD and Rail Transportation
  • Rail Terminal and Rail Service, hub and spoke business process
  • Rail Siding Operation for 3rd Party ICDs and 3rd Party Rakes
  • Complete Fleet Management interface with GPS Devices
  • Warehouse Management with 3PL activities
  • Stores Management integrate with Container Repair Operation
  • Liquid Terminal, Project Cargo, 3rd Party Inventory Management and Break Bulk Cargo Management
  • Yard Automation with Planning and Management and Way Bridge Integration
  • Online Data capturing for Yard and Warehouse Operation using RFID and Bar Codes
  • Resource Management including Human Resource and Equipment

Technology Framework



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Optimize Your CFS and ICD Operations with CFSMag+ EE

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