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WMSMag is a versatile, real-time, RF and Barcode based WMS system that streamlines your fulfilment operation, making it more flexible, more productive and more profitable to operate. WMSMag transforms warehouse operations into a fully integrated logistics and fulfilment business. By enabling a company to take orders from multiple sources, process them in real time with mobile, and automating the shipping and billing processes, organizational efficiency will improve, with positive effect on the bottom line. WMSMag is built for 3PL, fulfilment, and distribution operations. It’s ideal for operations where multiple owners of inventory, multiple clients, multiple locations and variable business models are required.

Modular Architecture


FleetMag 2.0 provides solution for

  • Solution for different type of Warehouse such as General WH, Project Cargo, Cold Storage, Agro and Collateral / Bonded Warehouse
  • Online Documentation for Import, Export, ICD, DPD, TP, Break Bulk and General Cargo
  • Interface with CFSs, ICDs online using Web Service APIs
  • Interface with Port Community System
  • Interface with Customs ICEGATE and Railways
  • Easy process for Shipping Line, CHA, Forwarders and Agents
  • Mobile App for Operators which provides allocation of trucks, clearances approval etc.,
  • Interface with Gate Automation by allocation of RFID at Origin
  • Interface with Barcode for documentation process easiness
  • Interface with Truck Operators and Trucks
  • Gate Automation for Container and Cargo
  • Rail Siding Operation for 3rd Party ICDs and 3rd Party Rakes
  • Way Bridge Integration
  • User Configurable EDI Engine - Covers ICEGATE, FOIS, UN-EDIFACT, PCS, CUSTOMS, VGM and line proprietary formats

System Architecture

  • Web based software, provides facility any where any time
  • Provides centralized solution
  • Facilitate to define multiple facilities/locations
  • Under each location, facilitates to define different type of warehouses
  • All location/facility connects to central server, which maintain all the data
  • Creating new Facility and Warehouse is user friendly, user can add any facility and warehouse
  • MIS, Management Reports, Contract Management, Finance Control, Billing can be handle from centralize system

General Features

  • Centralized system with Zone, Cluster and Area Segregation
  • Warehouse Lease Agreement Management for 3rd party Warehouses
  • Warehouse Insurance Management
  • Warehouse Security Management
  • Commodity based Warehouse Management
  • 3PL Activity
  • Multi Model Services
  • Review warehouse contents up to n - levels of detail
  • Manage Inventory based on SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and Multiple units of measure per item
  • Distribution Management
  • 3rd Party Inventory Management
  • Warehouse planning and scheduling, Location Reservation
  • Realtime Integration for Job Orders with Other Modules

  • Value Added Services like Sampling / Re-packing / clearing / testing / fumigation
  • Billing based on Peak Stock, Average Stock, daywise stock etc
  • Cargo Control and Cargo Life cycle maintenance
  • Put away, Picking and Packing
  • Replenishment
  • Assembly
  • Cross Docking
  • Proximity determination
  • Stacking limits
  • Integrate with RFId / Bar Code
  • Warehouse Availability Inquiry (mobile and web application)
  • 3D view of Warehouse
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Web Services for 3rd party tool integrations


  • Technology
  • Portable for any Browser
  • Dynamic portable to any resolution


  • IIS Platform
  • ASP.Net
  • Angular JS (fast process approach)
  • HTML 5, Jquery
  • Node JS for Equipment Interface
  • Google Map Interface / Google API interface
  • Web Service Interface with plugins to internal and external interfaces
  • GPS / GPRS Interface
  • Realtime Entry by HHT / VMT

Mobile App/Database

  • Support SQL Server
  • Support Oracle
  • Encrypted and pre-compiled controls for fast process


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