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Industry segment catered to -
For Rail Operators and Rail Services.
Rail Operation is one of the key terminal operation in land side activities, which covers large landside cargo and container movement of the terminal operation. Rail Operation involves many 3rd party stake holders such as Shipping Line, Railways, Container Terminals, Transporters, CTOs and Customs. Information exchange with all the stake owners is a key operation in the rail terminal. Consolidation of Container from different Terminals / Yards is the tedious process in the Rail Terminal. Rail turnaround is the key measurement for the rail terminal, which achieved by optimized planning of rakes, yard, equipment and manpower. Tracking of cargo and container is the critical activity, which impacts the productivity.
RailFreight designed as an independent solution which provide clear visibility to all internal and external stake owners, provides platform to all the stake owners for information exchange. Rake, yard planning based on different parameters, inventory management, optimized work allocation to the equipment and resources, online execution monitoring.

Product Features

  • Workflow Application for managing rake operation
  • Resource Management
  • Rake planning, Operation
  • Hub and Spoke Business
  • BCN Rake Operation
  • CAR Wagon Operation
  • Multi Commodity Operation
  • Door - Chassis - Terminal business
  • Contract Management, Billing and Credit Control
  • FOIS, PCS and EDI Integration
  • System to synchronize transactions with Freight Forwarders, Liners, Customs, Agents and Terminal Operators
  • Container Tracking and Tracing
  • Automation process and Real time inegration
  • Mobile App and Portal for Customer
  • KPI and MIS Reports

Product Features

Better visibility of entire operation and flow of terminal within Rail Terminal and outside of Rail terminal
Efficient Resource Management utilization of ITVs, Container handling Equipment (RS, RMG, ECH) and Operators
Help to reduce Train Turnaround time of rake terminal operation by better planning and optimized operation
Online work allocation to ITVs and Handling equipment using VMTs , Handle Terminals by control room
Reduce unproductive movements from multiple terminals using better planning
Electronic Manifest information capturing in-time from Rail Operators and other data sources
Validation and Verification of operation to avoid statutory issues and safety measures
Avoid dependency of other systems for data, independent solution for Rail Operation
Better tracking of rakes, containers and cargo And Reduce manual work by using system driven process
Reduce un-organized operational process like last movement pickups of container, waiting of equipment for unknown container feeding to rail
Better planning of container, rakes, equipment, operator and ITVs
Visibility of rake movements and operation real time through control room process

System Benefits

Modular Architecture

RailFreight designed with tight interface APIs which used for online interface with FOIS, ICEGATE, TOS and other systems

EDi Exchange for Arrival Memo and Load Plan for 3rd party Rakes

EDi Exchange with Shipping line for SMTP Clearance

ITV Pool Management with Equipment status monitoring

Customer Billing for Handling and Storage based on duration wise, rake wise

Online Removal Memo to CTO, Pendency report to shipping line and CTO, Online Container / cargo Status monitor

Complete ICD Container / cargo Inventory Management in single solution; Interface with Container terminals

Rake Scheduling, tracking and planning based on POOL sharing, Destination wise, double stack

Work Instruction Management for Job Orders to ITVs and RMG / RS for Rail Operation

Work Instruction Management for Job Order to ITV’s for Container / cargo movement from /to Terminals

VMT and HHT Interface for Work Instruction management, provides online pendency of work micro level And overall picture

Graphical Rail Plan and Yard Plan
3rd Party Truck Operators Management
ICD Gate Management

Terminal Billing Reconciliation for internal moves