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System has the facility to register profile of customer, product, tariff, locations, empty yards and container specifications. Container Master facilitates to record the container inventory. Product Property Master refers to cargo product properties, which are defined in Safety Data Sheet. System provides to define the property name / type like EINECS Name, INCI name, CAS No, Color, Freezing Point, Flash Point, Evaporation Rate, Relative Density, CLASS, UN NO, Hazard Label.
Product Master refers to cargo products and can be define the property valid of the product. Customer Master with general information, contact information, type of customer can be recorded. Location master provides to define all the location with respect to country master. Empty yard master facilitates to define empty yard respect to location. System facilitates to define the empty yard events and rates.
Vendor Master provides to define all other vendors other than empty yards. Empty yard master facilitates to define empty yard respect to location. System facilitates to define the empty yard events and rates. CFS master facilitates to define CFS respect to location. System facilitates to define the CFS events. Tariff master facilitates to define tariffs, rates and contracts based on different criteria.
System provides to define the default expenses based on expense heads with respect to POL, POD, Product, customer, Slot Operator, Empty Yard at source, Empty yard at destination. Default expenses can be maintain based on range of dates. System maintain expiry of each expense template. System sends alert to department to re-define the expense for the next range of dates.


Import operation involves functionality of document clearance, IGM preparation, interaction with slot owner and consignee, interaction with CFS and Empty Yard, billing at destination and tracking container.

System provides facility to update all vessel arrival information with estimated and actual information and Arrival port details. User can update respective information on available basis other than mandatory items
POL agent will do all the export cycle at POL and sent House BL Document, Master BL Document and TDR by mail. User can update the appropriate information at loading port and discharge port will get immediate notice related to BL information for further activities. Or User can update the same in destination for further process. User can update the standard excel template to update these information into system. System provides to update free days for detention, detention per day and any other billing parameter defined in the contracts.
Shipping Line will send vessel wise On Board List in excel format. User will upload excel in standard format defined by NVOCCMag, then system will generate BL v/s On Board List mismatch list. System maintains Cell Location of each container for Port Text.
System provides facility to search all information related to BLs and Containers respect to a vessel. User need to select VIA No / Voyage Number. System shows the summary information like, number of BLs in the vessel, Number of containers in the vessel. System provides facility to generate IGM EDI file based on each vessel wise. System maintains the EDI references. EDI format is based on ICEGATE version 1.5. EDI file can be sent by mail to shipping line or slot operator through system. In the same screen, user can generate Port Text File and HAZ file respect to vessel. For Port Text File and HAZ file, IGM number should be mandatory. System provides to print Advance List for Slot Operator, Shipping Line and Surveyor at port. System provides facility to print CMC Letter for customs clearance. System maintains CMC Letter references for record purpose. User can print IGM hard copy in one button press for all the BLs in the vessel.
System provides facility to generate Job Order to CFS. User need to generation based on vessel wise and BL wise to CFS. System maintains record of Job Order for further references.
CFS will confirm the Job Order, Confirmation will update into system. System provides facility to update the confirmation reference with date of confirmation.
System facilitates to generate Cargo Arrival notice based on each BL wise. System facilitates to generate Cargo Arrival Notice using scheduler and send mail to the customer using auto-mail generation. User can generate individual Cargo Arrival Notice manually. .
System facilitates to generate Delivery Order based on each BL wise. System provides to enter DO validity and system generates DO number unique. System facilitates to take the report of DO letter, Survey letter copy and Empty Return Letter copy for the BL and CMC Letter. System initiates the invoice and print the copy of invoice with DO for the payment.
System facilitates to update container status / container location using different mode of entry. System provides to update the container status and location using CODECCO (UN-EDIFACT EDI), Excel uploading (VnVCS template), manual data entry based on container. System provides facility to upload CODECCO and EXCEL using scheduler also. User needs to place the files in the scheduler and system will pick the file in regular interval.
Based on commercial acceptance, billing will be done against BL wise and detention will be charged based on actual.


Export operation covers facility to do order booking, container nomination, feasibility study of the cargo v/s container, BL preparation, billing, vessel slot booking, loading confirmations etc. Export operation involves all validations, documentation, process and tracking – tracing.

System provides to update booking for cargo movement based on MSDS reference. System facilitates to update key parameters such as, Product, Destination, Source, Density, Float Point, IMDG and UN. System provides to select Slot Operator for expense selection. System suggests proposed direct expenditure and indirect expenditure based on POL and POD with respect to product and customer. User will identify the feasibility of the movements, expected expenses to be done, exceptional expenses to be done with other parameters, user will define the freight rate for the movement and detention charges and system generates quotation. User will send the quotation to the shipper for the approval, once approved then Pre Sale will be converted as a confirmed order. System shows the availability of container respect to product while booking for references.
System provides facility to convert Booking into Order, by updating acceptance details of customer. Based on the shipper confirmation, user will update the final freight charges, detention charges, free days at source and destinations. System provides to update Order confirmation references submitted by shipper if any. System facilitates to print the Space Allocation Request for slot operator.
System facilitates to nominate container to Order based Product, POL, POD. System shows all unlocked containers which suitable to the product. System shows the history of each containers with products moved last 3 movements. User will select containers by selecting check box. System provides to take the print of allotted containers with empty yard location for survey purposes.
System facilitates allocate container against booking. User need to select the booking and system shows nominated container against booking with the status. User needs the select container based on surveyor report. System facilitates to generate DO for the selected container in the same screen. User need to define DO validity period. System allows to take the DO print and Container Release from Empty Yard print.
System provides to confirmation details of space allocation given by slot operator.
System provides to update BL details given by shipper respect to Order Booking. System provides to update Consignee, Consignor, notify party and other information respect to BL. User can take the BL Checklist print from the system. Once BL details confirmed from shipper, House BL will be created through system. Master BL details will be updated in the same screen.
Pre Alert to POD Agent / POD Empty Yard
Based on BL Closing, DO validity v/s empty pickup, Terminal Gate In and contracts defined against booking, system generate Invoice based on BL wise.
Once all the process completes, system generates document copy of BL to print. System request for closing BL process. Once BL closed, it will not allow to edit any information in that document


Cross Trade cycle is like export cycle but booking is done by agent and payment and processing will be done by agent only.

Key areas other than Export cycle in Cross Trade:
  • Booking is done by Agent, but agent is not in a position to survey the feasible container. BL Updation to be done by Agent.
  • Freight approval to be done through the system; Manifest will be generated from the system; BL preparation is not required from Customer for cross trade operation.
  • Container nomination is consider as DO and no DO will be generate for Cross trade.
  • Only tracking of container will be maintained for these containers and remaining will be handled by agent.
  • Turn In Notification will be sent to destination empty yard and destination agent to receive the container at destination

DSR – Daily Status Report

On Board Confirmation Report

Job Sheet Document

Agency Commission Report

Load List Preparation

Detention Report

Duration wise import detention report

Empty Report