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Container Terminal Suite

Container Terminal Suite (CTS TOS) streamlines the process flow of various activities of a container terminal operation. This includes processes related to Vessel Operation, ICD Operation, Yard Operation, Documentation, Vessel Planning, Yard Planning and Billing. Modern technology supports managing the services remotely, systematically and efficiently. This enhances improvised throughput, efficient resource management and meeting delivery timelines. Advanced technology also supports secured data storage and retrieval in efficient mode for analysis. This helps in synchronizing the needs of Operations, Engineering and Finance departments through a common solution.

CTS TOS from V&V Comptech Systems offers one-stop solution to systemize all operational activities of Container Terminal. Adoption of CTS TOS builds integrity amongst Documentation, Engineering, Operations, Planning and Commercial departments. Robustness built into the application is the key feature. The product has undergone rigorous testing prior to being implemented on live environment, thereby has gained high sense of applaud by our customers. V&V Comptech Systems is proud to own CTS TOS which has proven it’s potential to satisfy all levels of users, be it on shop floor or the top management.

Application Framework

  • IIS Platform
  • ASP.Net
  • Angular JS (fast process approach)
  • jQuery
  • Node JS for Equipment Interface
  • HTML 5
  • Google Map Interface / Google API interface
  • Web Service Interface with plugins to internal and external interfaces
  • GPS / GPRS Interface


  • Portable for any Browser
  • Dynamic portable to any resolution

Mobile App

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Windows


  • Support SQL Server
  • Support Oracle
  • Encrypted and pre-compiled controls

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