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Container Depot Management and
Repair Management

CMRMag –Container Depot Management and Repair Management Solution is web-based software solution which can be deploy in single server for multiple locations which integrates Depots, Operators, Surveyors and Shipping Lines. CMRMag designed specifically for Container M&R, solution renders the repair processes transparent for complete control of your equipment. Daily workflow requirements such as tariffs handling, repair estimates, surveys, work orders, repair status updates, invoices, and statistics.


Operational Reports

  • Gate in Report
  • Gate Out Report
  • Yard Inventory Report
  • Damage container report
  • Daily auto EDI Files to custmers
  • Ready to delivery container report
  • Daily report auto mail to customer
  • DPR Report

Finance Reports

  • Invoice Register
  • Estimation approval Pendency Report
  • Repair Pendency Report
  • Invoice Pendency Report
  • Reconciliation Report
  • Vendor Payment and Activity Report
  • Repair Costing Report (Revenue v/s Expense)
  • Storage Billing Report

Inventory Reports

  • Stock Register
  • Inventory below Re-order Level report
  • Inventory below danger level report
  • Indent pending report
  • GR Report
  • JO report with return details
  • Goods History Based on Item or all (Indents, GR, Allocate and return details)

Salient features and Value Added Services

Architecture and Securities

  • CMRMag instant alerts and messages to the responsible M&R Manager
  • System enable to interface with 3rd Party Systems; no manual involvement required for data exchange
  • System having facility for auto mailing process; which sends mail to customers and internal users
  • System interface with EDI Exchange
  • System works on Web architecture with robust technology
  • System having internal document management system; which maintains scan pictures; documents with respect to each user interactions
  • Customizable solution based on local requirements
  • Rich reports and dashboards
  • HTTPS protocol secure the system from hacking and other interference
  • User control and access control availed in the system to provide limited usage to the user
  • Internal audit process maintains each and every activity recorded with time and user
  • Internal algorithm facility availed to avoid data level security
  • Operating System for DB Server and Application server is on Windows
  • Database is in MS SQL Server
  • Development is on framework 4.0 with Angular JS and JQuery


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