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Having this multi-dimensional view allows us to accurately appreciate our Yield ‐ and also permits for an interesting gamut of statistical information that we can use to increase our competitiveness, sharpen our strategies and overall create better value for ourselves and our customers. BIZ ANALYTIX is a tool provides facility for comparison of multi dimensional values like comparison, visibility across terminals on monthly analysis, yearly analysis, between activities, customers, services, expenses, revenue. System provides better visibility of entire organizational view to make correct decisions based on historical data view.
BIZ ANALYTIX maintain activities, expenses with respect to billable, non billable, overheads, depreciations, taxes. Management ability to view REVENUE / PRODUCTS / CUSTOMERS / SERVICES based on EBITDA, EBIT, EBT and PAT levels. Example, Revenue collection of Vessel Side Operation, which includes Vessel Operation, Yard Operation, ITV Moves as a collective activities consider. Yard Shuffling, House Keeping are non billable activities are part of the expenses. Overhead expenses related to White collar salary etc. Depreciation expenses for equipment, taxes paid for the services. System consider all above type of expenses and provide profitability based on each levels with breakups.

Dimensions of / by Customer , Product, Activity, Resource respect to Expense, revenue and margin / profitability

BIZ ANALYTIX provides facility to maintain contracts of customers respect to agreed parameters. System provides to view the actual values of the parameters v/s agreed values. Which help to view the commitment from both side of the contract while negotiation of the contracts and claims of customers.

Prospective View of BIZ ANALYTIX

BIZ ANALYTIX provides the apparatus to easily analyze data by and within any of our 6 perspectives:-


For example, for all or any specific CUSTOMER, easily view the corresponding PRODUCTS (used) , ACTIVITIES (engaged) , RESOURCES (applied) and actual EXPENSES (incurred) per transaction (as in a VESSEL / Rail / other modes, as per TEU / Metric Tons / Volume , as in a MOVE) and REVENUE (billed). Also be able to determine the true YIELD… Likewise, for all or any specific RESOURCES, easily view on which CUSTOMERS they were applied, which PRODUCTS they were part of delivering, which ACTIVITIES they contributed to and all at what Cost (Expense) – in time (effective HOURS) and in money…


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